Robot in Medical Field

Topics: Surgery, Robotic surgery, Da Vinci Surgical System Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: November 21, 2012

I believe that robotics should be used in the medic field because they can be safer and be more helpful. They can save time and a person life. They are more accurate. I have a evidence to prove that robots are safety to use. 1. In 1997, surgery was performed in Cleveland using Zeus, a robotic surgical system. The operation successfully reconnected a woman’s fallopian tubes. 2. In May of 1997, the first robotically-assisted operation for a heart bypass case in Germany was successfully done using the da Vinci surgical system. 3. The first coronary artery bypass graft was performed using the ZEUS robotic surgical system in October, 1999, in Canada. 4. The first unmanned robotic surgery was performed in Italy, in May, 2006. 5. Also in 2011 a 50 year old mother of 4 child, Maureen Sampson was suffering from gastrointestinal disorder. This is very serious and it can be deadly. Her conditions worsed each day. As the day went by her condition worsed. But in july of 2011 her doctor referred her to the robotic-assisted surgery program at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago. Maureen didn’t hesitate after learning that she could recover in a matter of weeks versus months compared to a conventional surgery. Just a month after her surgery, Maureen was back at work, back to daily life with her family, and finally feeling at ease about her health. Maureen is just one of hundreds of patients who have benefited from the knowledge and skill of the robotic-assisted surgical team. But remember these are just some of the examples of succesful robotic surgery. Robotic-assisted procedures reduce the negative impacts of surgery, allowing for a speedier recovery and less pain, risk of infection, and scarring. Surgery robots on this day are actually cleverly made manipulators controlled by competent doctors. Nowadays, there are two fields where surgical robots are being developed and tested. One is telerobotics which enables a doctor to do a surgery at a...
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