Robinson Crusoe Summary

Topics: Sean Bean, Robinson Crusoe, Kill Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Reading Log 3

Name: Yeoh Yew Shan, Carissaperiod: 2
Book: Robinson Crusoethemes: survival and determination

Date| page| points|
Feb 26| 92| -having spent months on the island, crusoe decides to discover more parts of the island. (84)-on 15th july he surveyed the island from the creek, and find many meadows and several plants decides to stay.-he remembered his trail and returned the next day to find many fruits. (85)-he collects his grapes and dries them to make raisins(86)-crusoe celebrates his 1st year anniversary of being stranded by feasting all day.(89)-when ink was low, crusoe decided only to jot down significant events so ink wont be wasted.-he learnt to divide the seasons and grew barley and rice, making a table to divide rainy seasons for farming.(91)-he learns to make baskets to carry his goods.| Feb 27| 117| -he fulfills his desires to explore the island bringing all the necessities. (93)-he also caught a parrot and taught it how to talk -he refused to go any further in case of cannibals nearby.-everytime he slept on the trees, he surrounded himself with stalks, so any movements would alert him of danger(94) -he found several penguins, but decides to use his gun powder for bigger prey like goats.(95)-he didn’t panic when he got lost, but slowly looked for his post at the seaside and was eventually saved. -crusoe turned to reading the bible everytime he was sad for guidance(96)-he managed to make himself a shelf and was also disappointed to see his cro damaged by birds(97)-he killed some birds and hung them near his crop so scare animals away from his crop(99)-he slowly learnt to harvest his crop and learnt to grind flour and make bread (100)-he perfected his pot making skills by shaping, firing and glazing pots for storing goods.(103)- crusoe makes a canoe to travel around the island, but decides to give up after making a heavy and big canoe.(107)-after 4 years, crusoe reflects on his luck and is happy to find a few clothing...
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