Robinson Crusoe

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Writing Assignment #1
From many people’s perspectives, Robinson Crusoe’s intention of going on a boat and observe the whole world is probably just a desire of youth and ebullience. He rejected his Father’s suggestion of a “middle-stage” life fulfilled with happiness that the higher and the lower stages have envied for ages. But is it true that the only thing attained from his desire is just setting foot on a boat? Needless to say, the trip also changes the way he has always been from the inside, which is clearly seen in the second and the third paragraphs on page 18 when Robinson and Xury were discussing who would go and find the water. Compared to other passages in the whole book, the language in this paragraph is not much complicated, but it signifies a huge change in Robinson’s attitude towards life and especially his little friend Xury.

At the beginning of the book, Robinson is pictured as a man born in a fine family, whose Father is able to suggest and support him with a happy and peaceful life. But at the age of eighteen, it is hard for Robinson to simply accept all the things his Father offered without having to struggle, which motivates his dream of going to sea and rejects all the pleasure that he might have if he stays home. No matter how encouraging and excited Robinson is, it is undeniable that he was born and raised in ease, which explains why he decided to take his Father’s advice when he was suffering from the storm in his first time being on a boat. It seems that his dreams are big, but it needs a lot of effort to overcome the difficulties that he never faced before. On page 18, second paragraph, it is seen that there has been a significant change in Robinson’s thoughts. From a man who just wanted to go home and never go to sea again in the first place, Robinson turned into a man who is ready to support his own life and sacrifice himself for his friend. “So much affection” and “Made me love him ever after” are the proofs for what has changed...
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