Topics: Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels, Daniel Defoe Pages: 4 (1180 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Robinson Cruose vs. Gulliver’s Travels

Throughout the history, the writers of contemporary period tried to reflect their era’s social and political problems like inequalities between races or classes, corruptions in family life and social relationships, or the side effects of a politic shift. In 18th century, writers were also affected by these types of social troubles, and some of them took enlightening of the people as a mission by writing about the period’s dilemmas. During this century, literature was under the effect of a worldview called “The Age of Enlightenment”. It was an approach that looked religion, social life, politics and economy in a rational perspective. In such a case, authors focused on to write more and more about social issues. Some of them choose to reflect their ideas in children’s books. Even if these kinds of books were written for kids, they give many clues about the age’s social situation. The most famous writers who used satire to give their messages were Daniel Defoe with “Robinson Crusoe”, and Jonathan Swift by “Gulliver’s Travels”. Although the books look similar as they are in the category of children’s books, and their main ideas are alike, there are many differences between them.

The first book is “Robinson Crusoe”; the main character is also called Robinson Crusoe. This character likes travelling, but once upon a time his ship sinks, and he finds himself an island. He struggles with the nature wisely. Later, he captivates a savage, and tames him to become friends. He lives in island for 28 years, but one day he benefits from a rebellion taken place in a ship, and he captures the ship to reach England. The second book is “Gulliver’s Travels”, and the main character is Gulliver. His story starts with a travel in a ship. After his ship crashes into an island, he come across very small people and live with them for years, and later, he come across quite tall people in an another island. This book is mainly about...
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