Robinhood Case Study

Topics: Merry Men, John of England, Robin Hood Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: February 14, 2007

With his personal crusade against the High Sheriff of Nottingham Robin Hood had the idea of gathering his merrymen for his vengeance. Later did he know that some of his men were not the same of his vision and He was uncertain of his progress with the campaign, the scenery of his forces and the options that confronted him. He doesn't have a clear strategic plan for conquering the sheriff. He also did not understand of what will be the impact of his decision and how it would affect his band. He was more concerned of the quantity rather than the quality of the people he had gathered and that's what lead Robin Hood into these dramatic effect of mission.


·To be united as one and act as one force.
·To have fairness and equality for all.
·To seek social justice in all levels of
living and
·To set free King Richard from imprisonment.


·Little John and Scarlock should do multi
tasking to help Robin Hood discipline the
band or they might assign another member to
manage the recruitment process and sees to it
that those accepted are duly qualified.
·Not to imposed transit tax in order not to
affect the farmers and merchants that is also
a part the merrymen.
·To proceed with their famous motto " rob the
rich and give to the poor".
·Whether to accept the offer of several
barons to join in a move to secure King
Richards release.
In order for Robin Hood to perform their mission he must see to it that all of his merrymen are equipped enough not just in armor but also in knowledge about who, what and how they are up to. It is very important that to create a big force there must be unity and understanding about what they are doing. IMPLEMENTATION:

·Assign trusted personnel to increased security by asking more recruits some questions and increasing...
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