Robin Hood Project

Topics: Expense, Capital accumulation, Finance Pages: 24 (6808 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Avans Hogeschool
Robin Hood Report
Strategic Business Decisions SBD

SBD Team 13

Fanny Moreau
Mandy Ramaekers
Julia Burkhardt

Gabor Pap
Zsolt Braun
Reiner Stieger

Cher Werner
Zhen Yang


1. Management Summary
2. Marketing Summary
3. Finance Summary


1. Management Part
a. Mission Statement
b. Vision Statement
c. Strategy
d. Corporate strategy
e. Size of the Entire Robin Hood Association
f. Organizational Structure
g. Monitoring the process
h. Implementation and communication of the change

2. Marketing Part
i. SWOT analysis on present Robin Hood
j. Portfolio Analyses of current Robin Hood
k. BCG Matrix
l. Strategies for legal division and illegal division
m. Net marketing contribution ( NMC ) for ‘Jesus Loves You’ division

3. Financial Part
n. Balance sheet
o. Income statement
p. NOPLAT statement
r. Capital structure, Equity vs Debt
s. Net Networking Working Capital
t. Net Fixed Capital
-> statement of invested capital

Management Summary Robin Hood

This report discusses the organizational change of the Robin Hood Corporation, facing the following challenges. First of all, there is a lack of control over the recruitment process within the organization, as the organization became overstaffed, which led to housing problems and depleting food capacity. Due to the increasing size it is easier to be detected by the sheriff. Moreover, revenues are declining because travelers avoid coming through the forest. Based on the problems stated above, Robin Hood’s organization will be divided into two different parts. One part will form a legal entity in cooperation with the Church. On contrary, the other part will still remain in its previous business activity where robbery is the core business. Those two different enterprises are officially not related and the relation between Robin Hood and the new legal “Jesus loves You” entity will be unknown to the public. Robin Hood association will have several divisions spread throughout the land owned by the sheriff in different locations. The different camps will keep on moving and they will continue its core business (stealing the rich). One division of Jesus loves You will stay at the same place in the forest in order to produce the holy water. This will employ everybody and be sold through the church. This is a soft strategy to build a sustainable economy and at the end gain power in order to beat the sheriff. This holy water, as we are in a monopoly, we can chose to whom we are selling, when and the price. When we gained enough power we can chose to stop selling to the sheriff’s army and secure to restrict all the possibilities to get other sources of water and use the anger of the army to take the power of the sheriff. The aim of our company is to produce sustainable holy water in order to increase the revenue for giving it back to the poor people by a secret channel (Tax trick association). This will also help them to hide a part of their revenue which cannot be detected by the sheriff. The holy water will be sold through churches in other regions in order to sell it on an international basis. The change needs to be implemented and communicated throughout the whole organization consisting of 400 people. At the beginning, interviews will be hold through the group to see the motivation and as a communication strategy the three-step-model has been chosen.

Marketing Summary Robin Hood
Defensive strategy for the Robin Hood Association

The competitive advantage of Robin Hood Association is relative high, this is because of the fact there is only one obstacle (Sheriff of Nottingham). But the market attractiveness is declining, because of the recent market development. The best solution is to adapt a defensive strategy. The...
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