Robin Hood case study

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  • Published: February 18, 2004
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A run down of the Issues Robin needs to address:

1. Whether to institute the fixed transit tax (and shift to a new business purpose).

2.If no transit tax is imposed our profit squeeze of falling revenues and increased costs must be addressed.

3. How to avoid detection (Given the growing size of the encampment) and ensure the security of the organisation, e.g "New recruit" or "Prince Johns Spy"

4. Whether to accept the offer of several barons to join in a move to secure King Richards release

5. What to do about the growing size of the sheriff's forces

Question 2 : Mission Statement

Mintzberg defines a mission as follows:

"A mission describes the organisation's basic function in society, in terms of the products and services it produces for its customers".


To satisfy needs of its members, to give to the poor and to ultimately over throw the Sheriff.

Strategy and Scope:

Wider geographical scope in the forest is greatly needed as there are fewer "customers to rob".

Their mission statement is to "rob from the rich and give to the poor".

Standards and behaviours:

This is statement is working to their advantage as the townspeople are their most "important allies".

Values and Culture:

The band members have a large amount of loyalty and commitment to the cause.

This is evident as the lieutenants do not want to change the motto.

There seems to be a strong sense of mission in the band and this creates a good environment and common purpose.

N.B. Do all new recruits share same values?

1.Mission Statement : - Our mission is to rob from the rich and give to the poor in order to balance out the inequality suffered under Prince John. therefore our objective is to free and re-instate Richard the Lionheart has our King

1. Increase discipline :- In order for our band to be fully effective discipline must be at a max

2. Security and vigilance must be increased

3. Revenues must be increased

4. Costs must be reduced

5. Any extra revenues should be kept in reserve until sufficient to pay the Kings ransom


1. Image :- "Rob from the rich give to the poor"

2. Numbers :- "New recruits were pouring in from every corner of England".

3. Flexibility : - The band can easily move from one location to another

4.Intelligence : - Scarlet is been used to provide market research for the band

5.Archery skills : - Are at a "high peak that their profession demands"

6. Dedicated team

7.Support of townspeople



1. Lack of discipline: Leads to loss of control and may lead to a disfunctional organisation.

2. Lack of security and decrease in vigilance

3. Lack of resources

4. Cost of food


The band is flexible and large and could be moved to other area's where merchants are not so cautious


Lack of resources

2. New recruits could turn out to be Prince Johns spies

3. Get Captured

1. Do nothing

2. Consolidate, e.g. Downsize.

3. Penetrate existing market

4. Enter a new market

5. Transit tax

We have decided to penetrate the existing market and then move to a new market.

1.Revenues will be increased

2.Costs will be reduced due to new source of food

3.Discipline will be increased due to band working at full capacity

4.Will allow Robins band to grow bigger and stronger in conjunction with the sheriffs forces

5.Morale will not be affected

6.Image will not be lost

7.Dicipline improved because they will be working to full capacity.

8. Food resources should be plentiful

While penetrating existing market Scarlets intelligence team should be increased to help find the most suitable new market

Security may be increased by asking new recruits more questions and increasing security outposts

Extra revenues should be kept aside until efficient enough to pay the ransom

Robin should cut back on costs by buying cheaper food for the band, e.g. chicken...
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