Robin Hood Case Study

Topics: Leadership, John of England, Merry Men Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Case Study of Robin Hood
In the case story, Robin Hood and his Merrymen met several problems. In order to overcome their powerful enemies, Robin Hood should set up strong goals for his band which was also needed be reorganized. Therefore, this paper will analyze how and why Robin Hood would be most effective by using the path-goal leadership theory. First, this paper will provide an objective analysis about Robin’s current situation and options. Second, using the path-goal leadership theory as the theoretical foundation, this paper will analyze the feasibility of one of the choices and provide some advices. The third part will make a summary for the whole paper. Case study

According to this case, there are mainly two threatens for Robin Hood. The first one came from the internal factors. Even though the Merrymen was stronger than before, it became the band that lack of discipline and hard to be controlled. In the same time, the growing band asked for more food capacity and money, but robbing money in the forest became much harder. Second the external threatens were terrible. His major enemy was getting more powerful and better organized. Therefore, Robin Hood felt that changing was absolutely necessary. Lacking rich travelers, it was difficult to be robbed; also killing the powerful Sheriff was difficult for the disorganized Merrymen. Comparing with these two options, this paper supports that Robin Hood accepts the barons’ invitation and release the King Richard together. Although this choice contains serious risk, the path-goal leadership style will help Robin to reorganize his band which will very helpful to make Robin be more effective in that court politics. Theoretical analysis

The path-goal leadership theory is about the leader provide, the path, different kinds of motivation to support followers get goals. This theory asks leader to provide information or reward to employees to help them reach their goals (Northouse,...
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