Robin Hood Case Study

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Robin Hood Case Study

1. Do scenario planning for Robin regarding the issue of killing the sheriff. What happens if Robin does not try? What happens if he tries and succeeds? What happens if he tries and fails? The sheriff is growing stronger and becoming better organized day by day. The sheriff’s money and men are growing in numbers also which means if Robin does not take action soon then the sheriff will get his mortal blow to the campaign that he wants. If Robin does not try to kill the sheriff then nothing changes and the sheriff will never stop until he takes Robin and the Merrymen down. The problem with trying to kill the sheriff is that it would be very hard at this point when he is so strong but it is not impossible. If Robin tries to take down the sheriff and succeeds it would most definitely satisfy his thirst for revenge, but it would not improve the situation. Someone would just take the sheriffs place that shares the same vision or just do what is told of by Prince John. If Robin tries to kill the sheriff and fails then Robin would most likely be killed and the sheriff would ultimately “win”. The Merrymen would be leader-less so they would either crumble and everything would go back to the way it was before or they could revolt. The Merrymen could be so upset about the death of Robin that they could revolt against the sheriff and Prince John and take back order and restore the throne to King Richard. 2. Formulate a potential new strategy for Robin’s organization. Robin and the Merrymen are growing rapidly and instead of a small band of men they now have a major encampment of men. The problem with this is that discipline and vigilance is down and needs to brought back up. So I suggest that Robin coordinates with Little John and Millers son to bring these things up and to make the group into a well-disciplined and trained organization. Once this is accomplished instead of joining the conspiracy to free King Richard just go straight after the...
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