Robin Hood Case - Strategic

Topics: Sheriff, The Camp, Problem of evil Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Jasmine Murphy
MGMT 445-02
Case Analysis
Robin Hood
In this case Robin Hood is leader of his band of men. They are leading a revolt against sheriff that started out as a personal vendetta but grew into something more. Their motto soon became take from the rich and give to the poor. Over the years Robin Hood’s group has steadily grown. While Robin Hood was pleased with this growth, he also had some reservations. Rodin Hood feels pressed to find a solution to the dilemma because the sheriff is becoming more organized and growing in power. Robin was also asked to join a conspiracy to release King Richard from jail. He must decide if this is an opportunity that will benefit him and his men. Problems:

One main problem was the rapid growth of the group. This problem, of too much growth, lead to a problem with the diligence of the men and their work ethic. -Disciplining the men was also becoming a problem because of the large numbers. -Food was one of the bigger problems because it was draining the funds rapidly. The game was running out so they were forced to purchase food at a great expense to them. -The travelers began to take the long way around the forest, so they would not be robbed for their goods. Issues:

-The Sheriff was becoming more organized and powerful and was beginning to bother the men. -Robin was looking for a way to get rid of the sheriff, short of killing him. This will be difficult because of the sheriff’s political connections. Recommendations:

-For the problem of the growth of the band Robin could place Will in charge of the men. They could develop a list of criteria the potential candidates would have to meet in order to join the group. This would also serve to make the band more exclusive. -For the problem of discipline in the camp, which Little John is in charge of, the leaders could get together and devise a list of activities that must be done daily such as maintaining neatness in camp. -For the...
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