Robin Hood Case

Topics: John of England, Viscount, Police Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: October 29, 2013
1)What problems does Robin Hood have? What issues need to be addressed? There are several key issues that Robin Hood has. The 1st problem addressed in the reading is the growing size of the Merrymen. Resources are becoming scarce to sustain the large size of the band. He is also having problems with discipline within in the band. Another issue is that travelers are starting to avoid the forest for fear of being robbed, which in turn has caused a decline in the Merrymen’s revenue stream. The last issue Robin Hood faces is the increasing power of the sheriff. Even while Robin Hood and his Merrymen have undermined the sheriff for the last year he has gotten stronger and more organized. 2)Do Robin Hood and the Merrymen need a new mission? New objectives? New strategy? Robin Hood is definitely in need of a new strategy in response to what is happening. There are several external factors that have changed since the campaign against the sheriff was started. People have start avoiding the forest, despite the added cost, for fear of being robbed. Robin’s plan of to get rid of the sheriff has not worked as he thought it would. There is also an offer on the table from the barons that would get King Richard back in power as well as provide amnesty for Robin Hood and his band. Risks associated with this deal are extremely high but it would provide the solution Robin Hood seeks. A new mission calling for not only the removal of the Sheriff but also Prince John would be more suited to get the intended results Robin seeks. 3)What strategic options does Robin have? Is continuing with the present strategy an option or is the present strategy obsolete? There are several different options the Robin must consider. 1) Align himself with the barons and free King Richard.

2) Switch to a fixed tax for all who pass through the forest. 3) Expand his looting territory.
4) Kill the sheriff.
His present strategy is not working. It has become obsolete as the year has progressed....
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