Robin Hood Case/12-1

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Robin Hood Case/12-1

By | April 2009
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Q-1: What needs are Conway, Wang, and Sanchez attempting to satisfy? Answer: Everybody in this world has different types of need. In the same way, the answers of every employee in the case study, refers to different types of need. Conway answer refers to esteem needs, which represents his demand to be seen as a person of worth by others and to him. Wang answer refers to self-actuating needs. This in turn indicates that he is very keen for the personal development, which is required for the self-fulfillment. Sanchez answer to the Sheldon question refers to the physiological needs, which means bodily needs such as the job security, food, shelter etc.

Q-2: Make a suggestion to Sheldon and her manager for motivating Conway, Wang, and Sanchez? Answer: As a manager, Sheldon has the understanding of motivation. Motivation is generally based on the needs. He should appoint Conway as a group leader in a group project, to satisfy his esteem needs. Sheldon should motivate Wang by teaching him about the diversification of understanding of the people on the same topic, which might satisfy his self actualizing needs. So that Wang can train the different client about the same thing with more enthusiasm. Sheldon should motivate Sanchez by teaching her about the client satisfaction. He should teach her that if client becomes satisfied with us, then he will come back to us for more services, this in turn keeps her job secured. In this way Sheldon might satisfy Sanchez’s physiological needs.

Q-3: Should Sheldon have asked each staff member exactly the same question in order to understand more clearly their potential motivators? Answer: I think there is no need to ask the same type of question to every employee, because the answers of the employees clearly indicate their needs, what they are looking for. As all answers are the explanations of the needs of the respective employee, which means everybody has understood Sheldon’s question in a same way. If the answers are same to...

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