Robin Hood Case

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Robin Hood Case

The case of Robin Hood is about his efforts to try to overthrow the sheriff. He put together a group of men who were originally united in their efforts. Robin Hood used to have a "rob from the rich, give to the poor" and anybody is welcome strategy. However, the group began to grow in size and Robin Hood found it more difficult to discipline and enforce his policies. Robin Hood has developed a large following that is starting to overextend their resources, and Robin's competitor, the sheriff, is becoming more efficient, organized, and well supplied. The sheriff has powerful friends in Nottingham and he is also allied with the Prince, but the Prince is unpopular among the people who long to see the return of King Richard. Robin Hood needs to deliver a powerful blow to the sheriff before the blow is dealt to Robin Hood. Robin Hood has many resources, including a strong following, arms, food, and capital. Problem Statement

Robin Hood has to change his strategy. The biggest problem he is facing is the size of his organization. How big can this operation get before it is too big? Another large problem for Robin Hood and his band is their confiscation policy is outdated and the sheriff is growing stronger. He is now getting more money and his men are starting to harass the band. Mission Statement

The new mission statement for Robin Hood is “Rob from the rich, give to King Richard.” The barons are now seeking to collect the ransom that will release King Richard the Lionheart from jail to overthrow Prince John. The old mission statement with Robin Hood’s group was “Rob from the rich, give to the poor.” As the organization expanded, that mission statement needed to be changed because Robin Hood wanted to tax the poor. Solutions

1. Get a strong following for King Richard and ask for donations/taxes from anyone in support (farmers and townspeople). Continue to rob from the rich to help fund the ransom. Use strong support of...
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