Robin Hood

Topics: John of England, Richard I of England, English-language films Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: October 14, 2010
What problems does Robin Hood have?
Robin’s problems are many. First the band of Merrymen has gained so much fame that the size is ever increasing. The “vigilance was on the decline and discipline was becoming harder to enforce.” Resources to feed them are becoming scarce and there was not enough game in the forest. “The cost of buying food is beginning to drain the bands financial reserves.” Which brings us to the second problem: revenues are down because word has spread of the band robbing travelers in the forest. Although “this is costly and inconvenient,” it is better than “having their goods confiscated” and has caused many travelers to give the “forest a wide berth.” Finally, the environmental forces are making Robin’s old strategy obsolete. He is pondering new ideas to put in place because “the Sherriff is becoming stronger and becoming better organized.” The Sherriff “now has the money and men and is beginning to harass the band probing for its weaknesses.” Robin feels it is only a matter of time “before the Sherriff is able to deliver a mortal blow.” What issue needs addressed?

The single most important issue is to find and develop a new strategy to address all the problems. What options does Robin Hood Have?
* Kill the Sherriff.
* Rescue King Richard.
* Expand to a new area.
* Charge a tax.
What are the pros and cons of each alternative?
“Robin had often entertained the possibility of killing the Sherriff.” This would satisfy his personal need for revenge but wouldn’t likely change the situation. If a failed attempt was made this would worsen Robin’s situation because the Sherriff has powerful friends and Prince John holds him in well regard. A new Sherriff may end up being worse to deal with and better at delivering a mortal blow. Joining the Barons in “collecting the ransom money needed to free King Richard the Lionheart from his jail in Austria” would overthrow the Prince and “provide future amnesty” for Robin but it could...
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