Robin Hood

Vision :

Helping the poor farmers and townspeople to live in prosperity via allies who believe in this vision.

Mission :

Destroying the trust between the sheriff and prince John.

Strategy :

Constructing camp to serve his allies.
Forging the group into a disciplined band.
Making all the important decisions.
Delegated specific tasks to his lieutenants.

SWOT Analysis :


1- well trained men helping robin .
2- strong leadership .
3- support from farmers and townspeople .

1- large number of the band members caused
shortage in supplies and they was unable to
continue their growth.
2- Robin isn't familiar with most of the band
members .



1- spreading to anther forests so they can get
more supplies.
2- participating in conspiracy (in return for future
amnesty) with barons to pay the ransom for king
Richard so he can be free .

1 – increasing power of the sheriff and also he
have well organized men.
2- prince john will do anything to stop the freedom
of king Richards , also he has spies everywhere.
3- If conspirator's plan failed the pursuit would be
relentless and retributions swift.

PEST Analysis :
1- The Insurrection of Robin against the high
sheriff of Nottingham.
2- The Sheriff was growing Stronger.
3- The Alliance of the Sheriff , the prince John
and the powerful friends at court.
4- Robin wants to get King Richard out of
5- Robin wants to gain trust of barons against
Sheriff and John.

1- The forest a major encampment for the
2- band of allies and men with grievances and a
deep sense of justice.
3- robin made all the important decisions.
4- robin delegated specific tasks to his
5- Merry Men spreads wide and they came
from every corner of England.
6- Robin and Merry men must have a stronger
relation to be more loyality.

1- Robin wants to collect taxes.
2- Growing band exceeds...
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