Robi Training &Development Method

Topics: Training, Employment, Bangladesh Pages: 11 (3236 words) Published: July 3, 2011
  Robi Telecom Company Overview:
Aktel, one of the premier brands in mobile telecommunication in the country, will now be known as . The transformation has come into effect from the dawn of Sunday, 28th March after unveiling of the new logo and branding at a colourful ceremony at the Suhrawardi Uddan in the capital. Celebrations are taking place in Dhaka, Chittagong and all across the country to mark this historic transition. As you have already noted, the thematic importance of our celebration is based on the rich, vibrant culture and heritage of this nation. Through this transformation, we want to develop an emotional link with the people of this wonderful country. By changing the name to a Bengali word, the company aims at aligning its services to local culture and tradition. The word has been chosen as it carries a range of dominant meanings of emotional and cultural bondage of the people of this land. Robi brings the first gleam of light that shows us the day; Robi is the symbol of harvest that brings satisfying smiles on the faces of the farmers; Robi, meaning sun, is the source of energy that vitalizes agriculture, weather and life everywhere. The word Robi is also very familiar to all Bangla speaking people as it is in the Bengali name of their pride poet, Rabindranath Tagore. Explaining about the change Managing Director and CEO of Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd. Mr. Michael Kuehner said, “ we aim to develop an emotional link with the culture and roots of this nation. The cultural heritage of Bangladesh is very rich and it has always had positive impacts upon social and economic activities. Therefore, we chose the Bangla word “Robi” to be our identity”. Supplementing the view Chief Commercial Officer of Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd. Mr. Biddyut Kumar Basu stressed, “Robi will remain beside the people of Bangladesh as they want. Robi will incorporate Bangla in all facet of its work”. In Bangladesh, telecommunication sector witnessed massive development during the last decade, mainly due to the penetration of mobile telephony. However, there remain enormous opportunities for further growth as the economic indices grow correspondingly. As the main thrust of development will be rural-based, identification of the name with a Bengali word is expected to add significant value. Telecommunication is one sector which can contribute to poverty reduction by helping people to generate new businesses. Since its inception in 1997, (formerly Aktel), has been providing a wide range of services to the growing mobile telecom market in Bangladesh. Currently, it holds about 20 percent of the subscriber market share. In order to boost its presence and market share, it has embarked upon this transformation endeavour to tap the possibilities to grow and at the same time contribute to the socio economic development of the country. In its new outlook, is deemed to ensure greater customer satisfaction by offering quality services. As it is, will be highly customer centric. By providing relevant and convenient solutions, we will make all efforts to make our services attractive to the customers. That is why we will focus on innovations, strengthening network and considering affordability. Currently, we have 10.35 million subscribers, as of February 2010. We hold a revenue market share of 19.8% per cent. The number of BTS is 5400, with geographic network coverage of 80 per cent and population coverage of 86 per cent. We have plans to make further coverage expansions in near future. We had a remarkable growth in 2009, with a gain of 3 per cent market share over the previous year. Robi intends to sustain and increase this momentum. In our new outlook, we will empower our customers with various befitting products and services. Our products will be simple, easy to understand and straight forward. Our customers will have the power to choose whichever suits them best from a variety of affordable services. We will...
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