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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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[TARUNNO 26 – PRODUCT FACT & FAQ ] September 15, 2012 15,
Core Value Talk 8paisa/10 sec to one Robi priyo numbers with 3 FnF numbers Other Values a. For the first time in Bangladesh customer can migrate the package only recharging the said amount b. This is the only youth plan, which offers a “priyo number “at 8p/10 sec and 3 FnF numbers at 9p/10 sec 24 hrs. Package & Tariff a. Package name: TARUNNO 26 b. 8p/10 sec to 1 Robi priyo no, c. 9p/10 sec to Robi no (12am-8am) d. 9p/10 sec to 3 Robi FnF no. e. 18p/10 sec to all Robi no (8am-12am) a. 18p/10 sec to other numbers 24 hrs b. SMS charge: 50p to any numbers c. Pulse: 10 sec & 15%VAT applicable in all charges d. For international calls, International charge and pulse applicable values Other values: a. SMS Bundle 100 SMS for 5Tk. To purchase dial *8444*12#& Balance Check *222*11# validity 1 day b. Data Bundle 25 MB for 10Tk. To purchase dial *8444*21 # Balance Check *222*81# validity 1 day c. VAT applicable in all charges Package migration and balance transfer: a. Customer can migrate to this package by recharging BDT 26 or by dialing *8999*26# b. Balance transfer of BDT 26 amount will be restricted during the campaign period c. Multiple recharge of BDT 26 while staying in this plan will be treated as regular recharge Note: All Robi Prothom packages will merge with Tarunno 26 package Tariff: Package & Tariff: Q. What is the TARUNNO 26 package offer? A. Dear sir, please recharge BDT 26 and talk at 8p/10s sec to one Robi Priyo number, 9p/10 sec to all Robi numbers (12am-8am) and 18p/10 sec to Robi numbers (8am-12am) 18p/10 sec to other local numbers 24 hrs. package? Q. What is the tariff pulse of this package? A. Dear sir, we are offering you 10 sec pulse for this package. Q. What is the SMS tariff for this package? A. Dear sir, in this package your SMS charge will be 50p to any local numbers including FnF. FnF and Priyo numbers: number? Q. Does TARUNNO 26 packages has any FnF and Priyo number? A. Dear sir,...