Robert Rodriguez: Epitome of the Do-It-Yourself Attitude and a Renaissance Man of Cinema

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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There are only a couple of directors working today who can be considered true auteurs. Robert Rodriguez is a good example: from the beginning of his career, he has not only directed, but written, filmed, edited and sometimes even scored his own movies. The man behind some of the most innovative, creative, and visually inventive action films of the late '90s and early 2000s, director Robert Rodriguez is the epitome of the do-it-yourself attitude and a renaissance man of cinema. Directing, shooting, and editing nearly every one of his films, Rodriguez’s energetic and self-immersing approach to filmmaking has resulted in some of the most stylish and exciting action films in modern cinema. Robert Rodriguez has added his own unique sense of style into the film industry. He has portrayed his own Mexican culture into his films in showing another side to Hollywood films that we don’t regularly see. He has combined individual genres such as comedy, gore and science fiction, in a refreshing genre mash up, such in a perfect way that makes movies work. Robert Rodriguez is a Mexican American film director born in San Antonio, Texas on June20th, 1968. He shoots and produces many of his films in Texas and Mexico. Growing up, he was part of a big family, and was very interested in the film industry. Rodriguez began by making short films, which often featured some of his nine siblings. He was rejected from film school, due to his academic grades; however that did not stop him from making his own short films. Eventually he was accepted into the film program at the University of Texas in Austin. In 1992, Robert Rodriguez became an indie film icon with his first feature “El Mariachi”. Robert then came up with a unique form of financing and served as a human guinea pig by subjecting himself to experimental drug studies. After his low budget success in el mariachi, Hollywood tried to lure him toward more mainstream filmmaking. Rodriguez decided to create his own Troublemaker...
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