Robert Mugabe

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Modern Day Tyrant
Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Block 4 • May 11,2009

Robert Gabriel Mugabe is Tyrant who has been in control of the people of Zimbabwe for over twenty five years and must be brought to a stop.
Robert was born on February 21, 1924 Southern Rhodesia(modern day Zimbabwe). He had three brothers, the two older dying at a young age leaving only Robert, Donato, and his father. Growing up he had a very large interest in education, he wasn’t only interesting though, he was also good at it which shows with his impressive pile up of degree ranging from a bachelors of arts to a masters of science, with a total of seven degrees. He later went on to become a member of the National Democratic Party. Then unilaterally became the leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union after the death of Herbert Chitepo which I felt is very Julius Caesar like since he just received the position with no one opposing him. But in 1980 was when Mugabe’s rise to power really took off. On March 4th Robert was elected to the head of the first government as the prime minister. Although his election was controversial as reports said there were “full ballot boxes found on the road,”(Chan, 6) there were no questions asked. From there on out Robert Mugabe has become overwhelmed with the power to to anything he wants.

Mugabe didn’t always use his power to bring the country of Zimbabwe to where it is at now. Between 1980 and 1990 his human resource investments and support for small holder agriculture helped the small holder agriculture rapidly expand during the 1980’s. Also the life expectancy and literacy for adults increased, child malnutrition fell 10 percent, and infant mortality decreased, which on average was better than the majority of developing countries. But in the 1990’s Zimbabwe began to have economic problems throughout the country leading Mugabe to do the stupidest thing a person can do, and that is printing money. Similar to...
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