Robert Moses

Topics: New York City, The Bronx, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Urban Sociology
Robert Moses Reflection

The World that Moses Built; Robert Moses

Watching the documentary “The World that Moses Built” based on Robert Moses, was like a rollercoaster ride. The Story of Robert Moses and his works is one full of lows and highs. Moses, as stated within the film, was definitely a “great visionary.” His ideas were without a doubt of a futuristic mind and the fact that he was able to plan and accomplish them is extremely admirable. Though Moses possessed ideas that were immensely appreciated and still are. The way he chose to go about getting things done, were not within anyone’s interest other than his own, which is evident in this quote of his “I am a person of limited of objectives”. He was a man that disregarded the casualties and he was reckless. He should have planned peaceful transitions, instead of ignoring the people of New York City. Many commenter’s of Moses throughout the film, describe him to be a well planned out man and a hard worker. But, I feel these critiques are not completely accurate. I can’t help but doubt Moses to be worthy of such titles because, with all the sources and power that he had accumulated he should have found a better way of getting things done. Being that I am an ethical egoist, I believe that people should do, what ever is in their own interest, as long as it does not infringe upon others, in anyway and Moses knowingly went along and did things in an unhealthy level of selfishness. This unhealthy level of selfishness that ultimately affected thousands, qualifies him to have been a thoughtless man. Anyone who can be described as thoughtless should not be acclaimed as a “well planned out man and hard worker.” In my opinion, peaceful action is not something that is always out of reach, and someone who does not consider a plan of action or even look for a way to do this, is being lazy. Yes, My idea may be a bit extreme, but nonetheless these are my ideas. Though I can appreciate his...
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