Robert Koch

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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* He was born in Germany on December 11, 1843.
* Koch decided to change his area of study to medicine from natural science, as he aspired to be a physician. *  In July of 1867, following his graduation from medical school, Koch married Emma Adolfine Josephine Fraatz, and the two had a daughter, Gertrude, in 1868 * After his graduation in 1866, he worked as a surgeon in, and following his service, worked as a physician in what today is known as Wolsztyn, Poland the Franco-Prussian War * He is a german

* Koch served as an administrator and professor at Berlin University *  Koch’s marriage with Emma Fraatz ended in 1893, and later that same year, he married actress Hedwig Freiberg from 1880 to 1890 * Koch suffered a heart attack on April 9, 1910 and never made a complete recovery *  On May 27, only three days after giving a lecture on his tuberculosis research at the berlin academy of sciences * Robert Koch died at baeden baeden at the age of 67

His contributions are as follows:
* Anthrax
* Koch’s four postulates
* Isolating pure culture on solid media
* Cholera
* Tuberculosis
Koch is widely known for his work on this disease. He discovered the causative agent for this disease as Bacillus anthracis. Koch discovered spore-formation in the anthrax bacteria, which could remain dormant under specific conditions. However, under optimal conditions, he found that the spores were activated and caused disease. To determine this causative agent, he dry-fixed bacterial cultures onto glass slides, used dyes to stain the cultures, and then observed them through a microscope. Koch’s work with anthrax is notable in that he was the first to link a particular microorganism with a given disease, rejecting the idea of spontaneous generation and proving the germ theory of disease. KOCH’S FOUR POSTULATES:

During his time as government advisor, he published a report in which he stated the importance of pure cultures in...
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