Robert Half

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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“If birds of a feather flock together, they don’t learn enough.” When asked to define this quote by Robert Half, many things come to my mind. Without analyzing the quote, the first thing I think of when I read it is a flock of dozens of birds in the sky. These birds are all flying together following one leader of the group. The leader of the group is making the decisions and all the other birds are in agreement with the leader and aren’t learning on their own. For example, a flock of geese that you see flying in the sky is normally in a group. This group is usually in a “v” shape and it seems as if all the other geese are following the leader of the group. This could be for multiple reasons, but to me I feel it is because they have formed their group and are trying to prevent other prey from hurting or targeting them. As I read the quote over and over again I start to challenge my assumptions about what the quote is saying. I start to analyze things in a whole different perspective and begin to think clearly. By doing this I can see the expression of both love and hate within the quote. While analyzing the quote I feel that the birds represent us, the people, in this world. We, as people, form groups based on our likes, interests, loves, hates, and more. We tend to “follow” others who are like us and leave behind the people that are “different” than us. The quote then goes on to say “they don’t learn enough.” Thinking about this I start to think and realize that within each group that we are in there is always a leader. This leader persuades us and leads us as a group. We feel that as a member of the group we need to have the same beliefs and feel the same way as the leader and other members do. This in return is not teaching us anything and we are not making our own decisions. We are basing our decisions on the leaders and are in agreement with the leader and other members of the group. The quote, “If birds of a feather flock together,...
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