Robert Frost - How Physical Journeys Can Lead to Change

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  • Published : March 28, 2008
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Physical journeys are a part of life the travelers can be changed spiritually, mentally and emotionally as they become aware of themselves and the world around them. The 3 texts the show the physical journeys lead to a greater understanding are a poem by Robert Frost "The Road Not Taken", a play called "Away" by Michael Gow and a cartoon entitled "You and Me" by Michael Leunig.

'The Road Not Taken' by Frost portrays the fact that physically journeys result in change and a sense of understanding of yourself. The poem is a metaphor for life in the fact that we have to make decisions where the consequences of our actions seem to be unknown this is shown when the speaker shows his regret about the decision that has confronted him through "And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler" this shows the responder that the persona knows that both roads will lead to the unknown results that will force the persona to come to a realization about himself. The poems rhyming scheme suggests a sense of regularity and direction in the physical journey of the persons yet as the persona is confronted with change this rhyming scheme changes providing the responder with a sense of uncertainty towards this new direction in life. With Frost using future tense in the final stanza of the poem there is an impression of reassurance and confidence in the personas final decision to take the road less traveled. The last line of the poem "And that has made all the difference" implies that the actual physical journey does not matter but what you experience and learn that is important.

This text is similar to “Away” in that Frost and Gow use a variety of techniques to show the characteristics of physical journeys like dialogue, plot and image are to express ideas regarding the difficulties in make choices, the underlying fear of the unknown. They both also show the responder that physical journeys can lead to significant physical or mental awareness. Frost and Gow both show that...
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