Robert Frost Essay

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  • Published : June 11, 2011
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How does the poet Robert Frost convey his ideas about life? “Frost’s poetry strikes fire from the reader, not the fire of emotion but the fire of realization of a new thought or an old thought newly expressed. “

Robert Frost is a meritus American poet and a four time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. He is worthy of acclaim because of his insights into human nature. Frost is a Romantic poet who communicates effectively the importance of experiencing nature in order to explore ourselves. The notion of realisations that we can have if we stop and contemplate ourselves in rural situations is discussed in his poems “The Road Not Taken” and “After Apple Picking”. The Poem’s “The Road Not Taken” and “After Apple Picking” effectively explore the ideas of change and that “Life is a journey.” These themes are evocatively communicated through the language techniques used such as figurative language, tone, metaphors and symbolism.

“The Road Not Taken” explores the idea that life is about decision making and where in life those decisions take you. It involves a person walking through the woods, evidently on an Autumn Day. The persona is faced with choosing a path as he comes to a fork in the road and ponders on which road to take, “two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. The poet uses an intimate, reflective tone to effectively convey ‘the personal nature of the experience. He takes the less travelled path “because it wanted wear.” He decides that one day he will come back and take the other road but the choice of the less travelled has directed his life. The author says that he makes the decision to take one of the roads, although not saying exactly which one. Thus frost conveys his idea that life is a journey.

Robert Frost communicates his theme of making decisions and where those decisions take you in life through the use of colour symbolism. Colour symbolism is employed by Frost to convey his notion that in time all things change. The wood is “yellow” perhaps...
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