Robert Frost Essay

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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The Poetry of Robert Frost

Poets are time bombs, waiting to explode with emotion, who release this energy and power in the form of words. Every person is in some form, an artist. The specific way in which they create their masterpiece varies from person to person. The website, “”, contains hundreds of Robert Frost’s masterpieces, to study, pick apart, and ponder at any instant. Robert Frost is the type of artist who has mastered the use of diction, syntax, rhythm and rhyme, and sound devices inherently allowing him to release his emotions through poetry. Frost utilizes imagery, metaphors, rhyme and rhythmic patters, emotionally charged diction, and sound devices to clearly and insightfully describe a typical day, seeing the beauty and complexity in simple and average events and objects.

Frost utilizes imagery in his poetry in order to created a vivid image in the readers mind and have a deeper emotional connection with them. Creating a solid picture in the mind of a reader allows them to more intellectually understand deep concepts. This is true of all types of learning whether it be math, architecture, or physics. If you give a person a diagram or picture, they grasp a concept much more efficiently. The statement, “A voice said, Look me in the stars”, in the poem “A Question” creates a defining picture of a supreme being, and creates a picture of the galaxy in the form of a person. Many people will see this beautiful collection of diction as a description of a heavenly father or mother. The use of any imagery also entertains the senses of a reader leading to a longer lasting memory and more cognitive involvement. In addition to imagery, Figurative language such as metaphors is a key device in Frost’s writing.

Frost incorporates metaphors in his poetry to make strong comparisons to events and ideas in which the reader can relate to. Comparing complicated ideas with other similar objects or ideas gives the reader another example and thing...
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