Robert Frost Essay

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Robert Frost is without a doubt the most well-known and popular American Poet of the twentieth Century. Whether it’s a line from one of his poems, a title, or his name itself, virtually everyone knows who he is. Frost has made huge impacts on American Literary elements and the integrity of American poets that have carried through to this day. His significance was; his original modernistic ways of writing, his depiction of nature as well as tragedy, and his well respected name. Robert Frost made an influence on American Literature because of his original modernistic ways of writing. In a sense, one could say that Frost stood at a crossroad of the nineteenth Century and modernism. This was thought because within his writing one could find many tendencies and traditions from the nineteenth century, but also many techniques from the twentieth. Taking his ideas from the public eye, Frost developed, as many critics note, an original modernism that spoke with a directness that reflected the ways of Ezra Pound and Amy Lowell. (Two other well known authors who wrote of Frost positively.) This modernism mixed with the newly portrayed traditions of the nineteenth century abled Frost to restore the underlying sound and vocal gestures that each word made, and capture the true meaning and significance each word has to the structure and stanzas of the piece. He once said, “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.” Here the reader can see where he got his passion from, that the significance and emphasis he put into every word, sprouted from a deep rooted emotion. This original technique is what held his readers captivated and also influenced other authors to take the words they used and do the same. A technique that lingers to this day. Robert Frost made an influence on American Literature because of his depiction of nature as well as tragedy. Frost’s entire childhood was filled with nature and sightseeing. These mental images...
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