Robert Frost Analysis

Kevin Chappell
Understanding Lit
Poetry Opinion
Riding a Bike

Poetry is a mystery waiting to be picked apart. Poetry takes me on a ride of experience through a different person’s perspective. I like poetry because it takes me away from the information regurgitation practice that prevails our modern world. Poetry gives me a chance to think for myself and discover a theme I can relate to, giving me a richer understanding of the situation. Poetry is clever and sneaky but fun to read and decipher. Sometimes poetry makes me realize something I need to change in own life. Poetry is a way for me to be me. To me reading poetry is much like learning to ride a bike. I become aggravated when I don’t understand a poem, just like when I fell off my bike the first time without training wheels. Eventually though, after much practice, I learned how to ride that bike just as I learned to read poetry; they both became a blast.

“Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen is one of my new favorite poems. The word choice in this poem is outstanding to me. The words paint a picture in my head so vivid but yet simple. My favorite line, “Drunk with fatigue”1, paints this picture of soldiers stumbling from exhaustion. The word Drunk stands out to me, because a person can’t stand up straight when they’re drunk. When I read this poem I’m captured in the heart of war. I can feel what they feel through the author’s choice of words even though I’ve never been to war. I love the playfulness of words. “And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime” 1, Owen compares a flounder gasping for air to a man being stung or burned. I can feel that lime juice corroding the cuts on my hands and feel that fire singing my skin. This image is striking and although it’s a gross image it really engages me.

To me poetry is intriguing; it can twist or turn at any given time. Some poetry doesn’t follow rules, poetry just tries to convey an experience. Poetry makes me ask questions....
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