Robert Frost

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Robert frost notable craftsmanship has never quite been made critically good .Most frost’s criticism continues to centre upon issues –thematic, philosophical, religious and historical .Relatively few essays address formal matters and those tend to restrict themselves to rhyme ,scheme , sound , pattern and above all prosodic discussion play with and against traditional meter. As to the significance of form in Frost’s work most discussion reiterate and his definition of poetry as a stay against confusion.

Themes, language, style are the much talked about topic of frost’s poetry .What has suffered neglect so far is the enchanting range of titles that he gives to his poems .The research that follows tends to focus on value and place of these titles in his poetic array.

What a poet conveys through his poems is bound to be the “inner voice” supported by the impersonal agencies either of language, form, society, or tradition. Considering all these qualities in frost’s poetry one realizes that his work is the most befitting to the above discussion and the whole poem is hooked by a collection of words that happens to be the title of the poem

Literature Review
Robert frost has often been paralleled with Wordsworth on the basis of his liking for Nature. He is branded as “American Wordsworth”, But the fact stands out that unlike Wordsworth he focuses his attention on “Man in Nature”; both complimenting each other. His themes very naturally come through the object of...
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