Robert Frost

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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A Road Through the Poetry of Robert Frost

A Critical Analysis of Robert Frost's "Provide Provide"

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“Provide Provide” paints a dreary picture of the ravaging powers of time and how time can take its toll without any pity or concern whatsoever. Even the most beautiful and ravishing things aren't spared. They too undergo the same fate. "Provide provide" reiterates the universal truth about beauty's ephemeral nature. It is only matter of time when everything beautiful turns ugly.  The inevitability of ruin and decay is built into the very fabric of life. Nobody can escape it; nothing is forever, nothing is permanent.

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In the fifth stanza, Frost writes: “What worked for them might work for you.” Meaning you can look at people before you, to take example if that’s the way you want to live and die. But once again everything comes down to the decisions you make that would eventually shape your life. If you think that the meaning of life is to be rich and famous, than make such a decision and put your all out efforts into making it a reality. If all you wish for is to live life for your family than you should stay loyal and true to yourself. At least such choice is yours if not else. Hence, the poem is an attempt at finding a way to live happily and dying happily at all costs.

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