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Robert Frost

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Robert Frost

Robert Frost’s life began on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California, and grew up in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He was intelligent and influential poet in the early 1900s. He became one of the most famous Americans doing his time period. His life was an a battle for many years. Robert frost had written and published many books of poetry during his life. These books and poems are still enjoyed by readers today. During his childhood, Frost had experienced a abuse alcoholic father. When he was only eleven years old, his father died at age of thirty-four. Robert Frost’s mother Isabel Frost moved the family from San Francisco to Lawrence, Massachusetts. His mother struggled with money for years to support the family. In Frost’s early life, he discovered his love for poetry. In 1892, Frost graduated from Lawrence High School. It was the same time that he met his high school sweetheart Elinor White. After Frost graduated from high school, he decided to enter Dartmouth College. He only remained in College less than one semester due to a problem with his mother. When he quit school, he taught eighth grade at the private school that his mother had founded. He also worked at a mill in Lawrence. In 1895, he worked for a short time as a newspaper reporter. It was also the same year that he married his high school sweetheart. In 1897, Frost was invited to attend Harvard College as a special student. During the next following years, Frost and his wife had many children. In 1900, was when Robert had his first-born son and was the same year that his mother died. At this point in his life, he decided to move his family to a farm near Derry, New Hampshire.
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