Robert Donald William Farquharson's Sentencing

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  • Published : March 19, 2011
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Title page: Robert Donald William Farquharson sentencing, Zeklina Talevski

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Table of Contents:

1) Title Page
2) Abstract
3) Investigation
4) Results
5) Investigative
6) Adjudicative
7) Correctional
8) Conclusion
9) Referencing
10) Bibliography


On Father’s Day 2005 at approximately 7pm had adhered, a tragic accident which lost 3 boys their lives, Jai, Tyler and Bailey when Robert Farquharson had plunged the car into a dam? In this report I will be writing on the investigative, adjudicative and correctional components and the outcomes. Robert Farquharson is pleading his innocence but the proof had proved otherwise so the investigation that was constructed by the police and witnesses will be a big key factor within the report. I had concluded that Robert Farquharson was guilty and was sentenced to 3 counts of murder which was done in 1 act.

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The Crime that had been committed by Robert Farquharson were three counts of murder which had adhered on Father’s Day 2005. The fault elements of the crime were intentional as Mr Farquharson had planned the day the three boy’s would die by drowning them and having no intention to help them, he had a motive in regards to their death. So the fault elements had been conducted by Mr Farquharson which were (mens rea) guilty mind and (actus rea) guilty act which is under the crimes act 1958 sect 3. Victoria is known as a common law state and it follows legislation from the crimes act.

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The report that has been written tells us a horrible situation which leads 3 boys to lose their lives on Father’s Day. The investigation had lasted 5 years which lead a crime to be committed by Robert Farquharson which was The Crimes Act Section 3 Punishment of murder. My aim is to put all the investigative, motives and issues together to find out why Farquharson had be charged with murder and sentence to life in prison with no parole as he was a...
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