Robert Borden

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  • Published : October 5, 2008
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Robert Borden

Robert Borden was born in 1854 in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia. He was prime minister of Canada from October 10, 1911 to July 10, 1920.

Robert Borden’s father owned a farm and worked as a local stationmaster. Robert was very promising academically from a young age, and became assistant school master of his academy at age fourteen. He later went to study law at university, and became a lawyer in Partnership with Charles Hibbert Tupper (son of future prime minister Charles Tupper).He was elected to the house of commons in 1869, and became the leaders of the conservatives in 1901.

What was his role in WW1?
Three years into Robert Borden’s term as Canadian prime minister world war 1 started. As prime minister of Canada Robert Borden was in charge of deciding how Canada would react to the war. After he saw that enlistment numbers were down he decided to use a conscription.

How did decisions affect Canada?
His idea of a conscription angered French Canadians, who wanted no part in the war. Even his Quebec minister refused to support it. Quebec was alienated from the rest of Canada, and there were riots in Quebec during the first world war. During WW1 Robert Borden had to recruit members of the liberal party to get re-elected.

What did he accomplish during WW1?
Robert Borden accomplished a lot of things during WW1. He was able to convince the British empire to let Canada have more say in the Allied planning. He was able to take liberals and get re-elected. He was able to get Canadian troops to fight together instead of having British terms in WW1.

How did he help the Allies?
Robert Borden sent 500,000 soldiers overseas to fight in the war. The soldiers who won many important battles such as Vimy Ridge.
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