Robert Borden

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Biography: Robert Borden
Early Life
Robert Borden was born on 26th 1854 in Nova Scotia were he received his original education, until about the age of 14 were his intelligence was first recognized and was appointed an assistant to the school. Robert was said to have a very strong character, a phiolosiphical point of view and had high ambitions in life. After a brief period of time he began teaching at private academics until returning to his hometown to become the head of a law firm. He had studied at the legal office instead of attending university. This is when his interest and name in the legal circles was founded, at the same time he also married his wife Laura Bond and created his own law firm in 1889. Career

Robert became interested in politics at a young age and after creating his own law firm and starting a name for himself in the area of politics. This lead to Robert being elected into the House of Commons and becoming the leader of the conservative party, from there Robert served 10 years in opposition leading up to becoming Canada’s eighth Prime Minister in 1911 and lead Canada through the first World War. The most common area of Robert’s concern was the Military Service Act and the Conscription Crisis of 1917, which split the country into two, the French and the English. Borden also had a critical role In the Treaty of Versailles; he created the idea that Canada was its own independent country from Britain. In this same time period the Winnipeg General Strike was occurring. Importance to Canada

Robert Borden was a very important political figure for several different reasons, as far as Canadian History goes. Borden was the last Prime Minister to be knighted (1915), he is on the Canadian 100 dollar bill, he has had schools named after him located in Ottawa, Toronto, and Nova Scotia, there has been a hockey rink named after him located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, there has been a town named after him in Nova Scotia, as well as a town in Western...
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