Robbery and Dramatic Historical Occurrence

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One of my favorite stories that I find interesting is hearing my mother's personal experience as a young adult where she was shot by a bank robber. I have heard the story a few times. As far as I can remember I heard the story for the first time when I was about seven years old. I could not help, but to ask my mother about her unusual looking scar on her left shoulder. As the story goes she and her girlfriend was on a motorcycle together and passed by a local bank in Bangkok, Thailand where they witness a bank robbery. They decided to stop to the nearest phone booth to notify the police. The robber took notice of the action of my mother and her friend and shot both of them killing my mom's friend and injuring my mom. The bullet hit her left shoulder and put her unconscious. Though they were not able to notify the police successfully, the robber was eventually caught. The event was published on the local newspaper, because there were other eyewitnesses at the time and the news reporter was able to interview my mom to retell the event. Till this day my mother is able to tell the story even with her condition of having Alzheimer's disease. Is the older persons memory from childhood and personal experience? My mother's memory is from her personal experience since she was a young adult at the time of the event. Is the memory from a dramatic historical occurrence?

My mother's memory is not from a dramatic historical occurrence. Does the memory involve their children and or married life?
My mother's memory does not involve her children or married life since at the time of the event she was not married nor did she had my brother and I. Do you notice any gaps in the older person's story?

I did not notice any gaps when my mother told me the story when I was younger, but now with Alzheimer's her story has several gaps. She has a hard time recalling the events in sequential form. Has the story changed as you hear it time and time again?

As Alzheimer's...
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