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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Robert Peel’s Nine Principles
Dannie Greenway

The nine principles that Robert Peel wrote are still used today after many years. Their value is still what it was back then. These principles are eye opening to what law enforcement and policing are truly about. This report talks about the principles themselves and how they are there for obvious reasons. Though times change some of the foundations to things don’t this is a huge example. These principles are like the foundation of law enforcement and the laws are what change along with the public. They are still relevant principles today as time goes on they only become more important to understand law enforcement and to see it through.

Sir Peel’s nine principles are the basics that all cops need to know in order too not only be an efficient cop but also a respected cop. These principles explain who to protect and how to protect them without the rest of the public getting upset, or without losing their respect. He basically laid the groundwork for what all police officers should be shaped around. Peel’s Principles over time

In 1829 Robert Peel set up the standards that all officers should follow in just nine principles. These principles are still around today which is why he is said to be the founder of modern policing. These principles may have been reworded or slightly changed by different people, but the meaning and intent on the principles have stayed the same for almost 200 years. The fact that is hasn’t been wrong in that amount of time proves it is a concrete idea. My Conception of Law Enforcement

The idea I had about law enforcement is not at all what I have now. I thought that the job was to just arrest everyone that is doing something wrong. The police just seemed to me like they only cared to enforce the law at the end of the month when it was time for the paycheck. When I thought of law enforcement...
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