Robben Island

Topics: Robben Island, Nelson Mandela, Cape Town Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: April 14, 2008
wide and lies only a few metres above sea level. Robben Island has an important history. The island was discovered a very long time ago by stone age people. As the years went by, the island was used for several purposes. Such as: to isolate leper people(mensen met melaatsheid) or to lock prisoners away. Robben Island became more famous because of a man that we all know today, his name is Nelson Mandela. In the 20th century Robben Island was used to lock away potential criminals or people who had different opinions about politics. Nelson Mandela and many other people had a different opinion on politics. Therefore they were locked up, so that they weren’t able to cause trouble.

(these are pictures of the Robben Island and its prisoners)

Today, Robben Island is no longer used to lock up prisoners. It is now opened for those who like to know how Robben Island’s prison looks like from the inside. Beside the prison, you can also visit the Robben Island museum.

If you want to find out more about Robben Island or Nelson Mandela, these websites may help you find your information. •

How would I use this in class?

1.I would hand out this information to every pupil.
2.I would let them read it first
3. Afterwards I would like to talk with them about Robben Island and Nelson Mandela.
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