Rob Parsons at Morgan Stanley

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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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The dilemma facing Paul Nasr in regards to Rob Parson’s performance falls on two issues: (1) if Paul promotes Rob, how would Paul’s decision reflect on him and affect the organization; and (2) if he does not promote Rob, how would he retain him. Morgan Stanley is in the midst of shifting to the new strategy of managing client relationships from a single point of contact, the CMS group. This strategy demands business units to collaborate and work as “one firm” in order to succeed in cross-selling multiple products to each client. Thus, John Mack creates 360-degree performance evaluations to promote and institutionalize desired behaviors with the hope of evolving the culture to align with the new strategy. Employees are now measured by colleagues inside and outside their respective departments specifically for their efforts in “Teamwork/One Firm Contribution.” In Rob Parson’s case, the 360-degree evaluations are effective and present a multi-angle picture of Rob. If there is a weakness in the system, it could be the risk of a common information effect occurring in the Promotions Committee’s review process. Negative information, such as comments referring to Rob’s “cocky, overbearing, flip or insincere” attitude, tends to spread fast. Thus, it may very well be possible that most members of the Committee have knowledge of Rob’s poor interpersonal skills but fewer know of his talents in client relationship management, and this may unfairly reduce Rob’s probability of receiving a promotion. Of course, Paul Nasr must first decide whether to put Rob up for review at all, and the evaluations nonetheless capture opinions from across the firm that will help Paul make a decision that is more informed than one based purely on how much revenue Rob brings in. These negative opinions should be counterweighed by the circumstances around Rob’s job. CMS’s financial services clients are tough negotiators who demand expedient service; they need to be managed by someone who is equally...
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