Rob Parson Case Study from Harvard

Topics: Management, Want, Psychology Pages: 3 (536 words) Published: December 5, 2012
1. how did reform and opening up in the 1990’ affect MBA internal LOC, why? Rise。 because social background in china has lots of changes and chances to achieve success than before in the 1990’ 2. Is political behavior good or bad? Good,,maybe bad

3. Body language , why is it more persuasive than verbal?
4. What kind of group no politics? No group
5. why MBA more political than average people? MBA seek to success, want more professional growth and security than average people 6. COCONUT cake experiment show what theory? Fair公平
7. why job enlargement hurt producitivity? job enlargement has more task ,worker take more task need more ability and in unit time productivity becomes lower 8. what trait leader always has? No trait leader always has 9. best way for improving communicaiton skills? send effectively and receive effectively 10. when a larger group-12 is best?for example

when gathering data and information, larger group12 is better. 11. ways to increase pressure for change?
Express need for change
Communicate potential benefits.
Protect interests.
Get people involved in the change process.
Communicate the progress of change.
Use a respected change agent.
Reinforce earlier changes.

12. why 10 people less than 2 people communication
the more people,the less individual effort
best power for productivity Expert
14. what experiment taught us immediate envirionment influences obedience Milgram's electric chair experiment
15. first step to change anticipatory预料
16. what science biggest contribution to OB?心理学psychology 17. Why centralized than decentralized common? Natural it is natural and no strategy. 18. managers saving fires, what are “fires” emergency

19. dependent independent interdepent ,which common,why
20. which best productivity,above three,why? Interdependent 21. candle experiment tell us what?
disadvantage of vicarious learning? Lack of practice and it’s difficult to...
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