Rob Parson

Topics: Management, Leadership, Morgan Stanley Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: January 23, 2011
I.Point of View:
Paul Nasr, senior managing director in Capital Market Services at Morgan Stanley I.Problem:
Paul Nasr faces a dilemma on Rob Parson’s performance issues focusing on reviews from internal co-workers that painted him as not fitted in the firm’s culture, affecting his possible promotion II.Objective:

To recommend a suitable action regarding Rob Parson’s promotion that best suits the company and Parson

III.Alternative Courses of Action
1. Paul Nasr will grant the promotion to Rob Parson as he had implicitly promised after this performance assessment process.
Promotion is one way to motivate employees and boost employee morale. Since Parson got good score from his colleague especially on his Professional skills and Commercial orientation, he deserves a promotion. However, his Team Player skills, Leadership and Management of People, to name a few scored low which hinders his promotion since the position he will be into requires to be a good leader, one who can leads by example, one who commands respect for knowledge and insight among vast array of people inside and outside the firm. But he lacks the ability to manage his people inside the firm.

Promoting Parson means Morgan Stanley would still continue to improve in its revenues and creating better reputation for the firm as it ranks better and better in the market. But for employees working for the firm, it might connote favouritism from Nasr. 2. Paul Nasr will grant the promotion to Rob Parson as he had implicitly promised after he had gone trainings and workshops and proved that he has already develop his weak areas. The purpose of creating a performance assessment is to develop employees to become better and better and to promote those who are deserving. As what he has implicitly promised to Parson, Mr. Nasr will grant to Parson the promotion he deserves after he had generated a new business for the firm, but on a condition that he must improve his leadership and management skills...
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