Roald Dahl's Dip in the Pool: Mr. Botibol

Topics: English-language films, Water, Ocean Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Continuation : A Dip In The Pool ..
Mr.Bottilols body was so cold that he could not feel his legs. Guilt and stupidity ran through his mind which made him feel like a fool. He sat there in the ice cold water and thought of how childish his acts were . He knew that death was around the corner if he were not saved. Mr.botilol put all his effort to shout for help , but no one responded. His heart began to race faster each second.He prayed and pleaded for help , but yet no one approached him. He believed that he deserved to die , for he was responsible for his foolish acts which led him in the middle of the ocean. Images began to fill his mind , he remembered all the beautiful moments he had with his wife .As his eyes began to close slowly , someone shouted his name and mr.botiilol jumped with suprise . Three lifeguards were at the top of the boat , and two of them were going down to save him . Mr. Botillols heart was filled with excitement and joy and he knew that this was an event that will always remain in his heart. When mr .Botillol was saved , a security camera had caught him jumping into the ocean . Mr.botillol was taken out of the draw but had to pay a small amount of money for his fine . Mr.botiilol was glad that he had been drawn out and promised himself that he will never enter another bet ! .
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