Roald Dahl Unit

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Unit Plan: Author Study / Roald Dahl

Unit Topic: Roald Dahl

Unit Goal: The goal of this unit is to read various Roald Dahl books to recognize and analyze the author’s style. The focus will be on how this author expresses his style and use of humor in his stories, themes and characters. The students will also gain experience with literature groups and the dynamics of working in a group.

Grade Level: 4 Addresses ELL, diverse learners and different reading levels through cooperative/literature groups, scaffolding and use of multiple intelligences.

Time Frame: Approximately one week; the unit could be extended by reading other Roald Dahl books or viewing more videos.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Experience with literature groups and roles; class was read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; drawing a timeline.

Core Books:
The Champion Storyteller by Andrea Savick
The Enormous Crocodile (read to whole class)
The Twits / Group 1
The Witches / Group 2
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Group 3
George’s Marvelous Medicine / Group 4
The Magic Finger / Group 5

Essential Questions:
□ How does an author’s style and life show through several of his works? □ What is Roald Dahl’s style of writing?
□ How does he take the events in his life and use humor to write about them?

Key Objectives:
□ Students will create a timeline of significant events in Roald Dahl’s life. They will discuss how an event in their life could be a plot for a story. □ Students will be able to define, identify and create their own examples of personification, simile and metaphor using the texts on bookmarks and posters. □ Students will create a poster with a new character for their book; a descriptive paragraph describing him/her/it using figurative language and how the character would change the story. □ Students will draw a cartoon with dialogue to describe an important event in the book and imagine a new ending writing in the style of Dahl. □ Students will interview a character from a Roald Dahl book and reveal the student’s relation to character, reasons why the character acted the way he/she did and why they feel the author thought this character was important. . □ Students will compare and contrast the video and book in a Venn diagram. The class will evaluate if one was better and why or why not.

□ Core book
□ Character Interview
□ Group Discussion
□ Books on tape

□ Group Discussions
□ Paragraph presentation
□ Character Interview

□ Video of The Enormous Crocodile

□ Comic strips
□ Paragraph
□ Timeline / Venn Diagram
□ Bookmark
□ Interview questions
□ Role sheets

□ Texts

□ Personification
□ Simile
□ Metaphor
□ Absurdity

Multimedia Resources
□ Websites / Roald Dahl biographies
□ Video of The Enormous Crocodile
□ Audio Tape of The Magic Finger

□ Comic Strip
□ Bookmark
□ Character posters
□ Character interview
□ Interview questions
□ Role Sheets
□ Timeline
□ Ongoing observation of groups
□ Group and Self Assessment Sheets ( Each student and group will self-evaluate him/herself on participation)

Lesson Plan 1- About the Author
(65-90 minutes)

Target Audience: Grade 4

Prerequisite knowledge: Students will have experience with timelines and working in literature groups.

Objectives: Students will research and create a timeline of Roald Dahl’s life. They will explain how one event might affect his outlook on life. Groups will discuss events in their lives and brainstorm how they could use it in a story. The students will write about one event or circumstance in their life and how they could apply humor to it....
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