Road Trip from New York to Florida

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Road Trip to Florida

Introduction: Have you ever had an idea to make a road trip to Florida? If yes, what would you choose: just drive straight or have some stops? I wanted to show you one way of realizing that trip, which I’m planning to do soon.

Thesis Statement: Route from New York to Florida with amazing stops on the way, such as Cape May, Chincoteague Island, Chesapeake Bay Tunnel/Bridge, Virginia Beach, Charleston, Savannah and our final point – Jacksonville.

Discussion Section:

1. First part of the road: From New York to Chincoteague Island, VA (

a. First point of interest – Cape May, NJ. City famous for Victorian mansions, lighthouse.

b. According to official website –, information about Cape May Ferry.

c. Second point of interest – Chincoteague Island (“home of wild ponies”).

2. Second part of the road: From Chincoteague Island, VA to Charleston, SC:

a. Driving through Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel to Virginia Beach. According to, we know interesting facts about Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. At nearly 20 miles long, this bridge is one of the architectural wonders of the east coast.

b. First point of interest – Virginia Beach, VA (staying overnight). Virginia Beach has all the elements of a classic seaside resort: gorgeous beaches, a lively boardwalk, plenty of restaurants and nightspots.

c. Second point of interest – Charleston, SC (according to, things to see and do in Charleston). The best way to see this historic city and its remarkable architecture is taking a carriage ride or walking around.

3. Third part of the road: From Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, FL (final destination):

a. Final destination – Jacksonville, FL (according to, tourist information about the city, attractions and things to do). Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by...
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