Road Trip

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The Best Trip Ever
And so it began, the countdown to what would be the best trip of my life which was about to start on the next morning and all I had to do was get my things ready that I wanted to take with me. I couldn’t wait for the day to end so that I could go to sleep and wake up and leave for Ulladulla. I had been to Ulladulla once before when I was only 4yrs old and my mum told me that I loved it and never wanted to leave. Well I was now the time of the year where our whole family would go on holidays together to a chosen location, and this year it was my choice so obviously I chose Ulladulla.

It was now 7:30pm and I had finished packing so I thought that I would make myself a quick dinner and sit down to watch some television for a bit before going to bed. By the time I had made myself some scrambled eggs and heated up some baked beans, settled down in the lounge chair and turned the TV onto the right channel it was just in time for How I Met Your Mother’s new double episodes at 8pm.

As soon as the episodes had finished at 9pm I went up to the kitchen and washed my plate and fork up, then went down to my room and hopped into bed ready for some sleep knowing that when I woke up the next morning I would be setting out for Ulladulla. But there was one problem; I had no idea what the hotel looked like or what the name of it was. So I got my iPhone off my bedside table and rung my mother to find out what the name of the hotel in Ulladulla was so I knew what to look for when I drove into Ulladulla. After a 10 minute talk to find out the name and location of this hotel in Ulladulla I finally went back to bed at 9:15pm and fell asleep really quick.

“Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz” went my alarm at 4:30am. I was still very tired from all the packing I had done the day before but as soon as I remembered where I was going today I was as awake as I could ever be. On that note I had a shower, got dressed, made myself some toast, brushed my teeth and picked up my...
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