Road Traffic Accidents

Topics: Tram accident, Traffic collision, Road accidents Pages: 37 (7591 words) Published: May 1, 2013
ONE FALSE MOVE... A Study of Children's Independent Mobility

Mayer Hillman, John Adams and John Whitelegg


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This report is based on a research study focused on junior schoolchildren aged 7 to 11, and senior schoolchildren aged 11 to 15. It explores their travel patterns and levels of personal autonomy, and the links that these have with their parents' perception of the danger to which their children are exposed when travelling on their own. The findings and conclusions are drawn from surveys carried out in 1990 in English schools in five areas of England, replicating surveys carried out in 1971 by Policy Studies Institute (formerly Political and Economic Planning) in the same schools in order to provide a temporal dimension to the study, and in five matching areas in Germany in 1990 to provide a cultural dimension. In acknowledging the considerable help obtained during the course of the study, we would particularly like to thank Juliet Solomon for her invaluable contributions to the writing of the report. We would also like to record our appreciation of the hard work that Margaret Whitelegg put into managing the surveys in the German schools including translations of the questionnaires and relevant correspondence. We are grateful to Sebastian Rechenberger for his help with the translations and for his general advice. Thanks are also due to Richard McKinnon for co-operating with us in running the pilot survey in his junior school, Martin Munro and Steve Juggins for preparing the tabulations for us, and Claire Jarvis and Owen Tucker for the cartography. The surveys in the English schools were administered by John Adams, Mayer Hillman, Alison Muir, Juliet Solomon and Sally Vernon; and in Germany by Stephan Czapla, Wolfgang Held, Sebastian Hoffmann, Alexander Kubitza and Antje Kilgus. We wish to thank the local education authorities, the Heads and teachers in the schools in which the surveys were carried out, and not least the children and their parents who responded so positively to our requests

for co-operation and who ensured that we had such an exceptionally high response rate. Finally, the authors would like to thank Heidi Hillman and Clare Morgan for typing and word-processing the manuscript The research study has been made possible by grants from the following three organisations: the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, the Department of Transport, and the Anglo-German Foundation. We are most grateful to them for their support. The conclusions drawn and the views expressed are, of course, those of the authors.

List of Figures Preface Introduction 1. Danger on the roads

1 9

2. 3.

The surveys in English...
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