Road to Hell

Topics: Employment, Term, Economics Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: September 18, 2012
This is a case involving two main characters from two different counties with differing points of view. John Baker, a European Chief Engineer, had been promoted to Production Manager in a new country and was preparing his successor, Matthew Rennalls, a Barracanian to replace him. Rennalls was known as being very intelligent, one of the brightest Barracanian’s and the son of the minister of finance and economic planning.

The succession phase including a transition of meetings, interviews and series of interactions between Baker and Rennalls. On the evening of their last meeting Baker insulted Rennalls and the very next morning Rennalls abruptly resigned.

Baker had a perception that Rennalls, a Barracanian, got along better with other Barracanian’s rather than Europeans. Baker knew a lot about Rennalls in that he had attended London University for 4 years, knew his political involvement and his father’s political background and that Rennalls was also “sensitive to any sign of condescension on the part of expatriates”.

To Baker, a confirmation of the racial intolerance was proven by the complaints made by Mr. Jackson, a European.

Baker’s arrogance at being able to be “successful with all other nationalities” became a personal challenge for him. Baker wanted to get Rennalls to admit to his resentment and/or racial concerns in the guise of trying to help Rennalls in his career development.

The diversity theory of: Discrimination and Fairness Paradigm is a theory that fits well with this case study but it has its strengths and weaknesses. When people come together in organizations, they are people from different ethnicities and cultures and when they merge we call that diversity.

The most predominate diversity theory in the workplace is the discrimination and fairness paradigm because instead of treating everyone as separate individuals, this theory treats everyone the same. This theory tells the employees that...
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