Road to Ecclesia

Topics: Baseball, Minor league baseball, Thought Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The Road To Eccclesia
Hi, my name is name, and I am from West Fork, Arkansas. I find myself here at Ecclesia for many reasons. Those reasons consist of baseball, the Christian environment, and my future life goals. The first reason that comes to mind is baseball. Baseball comes to mind first because I have been playing baseball all my life. The road here started my senior year when spring baseball was picking up. I was somewhat of a talented athlete that was looking to play at the next level. I took the first step by contacting, Coach Knight of the baseball team. After coming into contact with him, he started to recruit me and my best friend name to come play here at Ecclesia College (EC). After the recruiting process was over Coach Knight offered me a scholarship. The opportunity to play at the next level became a reality along with the ability to be around a Christian environment. I find that more things are possible when you are by around a Christian environment. The thought of being surrounded by such a great environment, it gave me chills. It played huge part in my decision to further my education here at EC. I loved that I would be influenced by people who shared the same thoughts and as my own. That atmosphere at EC allows me to reach my fullest potential, whatever it may be, in my walk with the Lord. Also, I find that I will be able to obtain an extraordinary amount of knowledge about the Lord and His Word. The last thing that I feel about the Christian environment is that it will set me on a great path to achieve my future goals. Throughout a lifetime a person sets goal after goal that they want to achieve sometime in their future. Two of the main goals for my future is to find the love of my life, which might be here at Ecclesia College, and to start an amazing family. I dream of a family that consists of me, my wife, and two children. For the children, I picture the oldest a boy and the youngest a lovely little girl. My next goal is to graduate...
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