Road Safety Slogans

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Road Safety Slogans

One of the most accident-prone zones have got to be roads. The number of road accidents is on the rise, only because people forget safe driving rules. Some of the slogans on traffic safety help put the idea of safety across and reduce incidents of reckless driving. Here are certain slogans for road safety that you can look into.

Chance takers are accident makers.
Be alert! Accidents hurt.
The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it. You can't get home, unless you're safe.
When jogging, run against the traffic flow.
Slow down! Your family is waiting for you.
It's better to lose one minute in life... than to lose life in a minute. CAUTION - I Brake For Stop Signs!
Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.
Life doesn't have a reset button. Drive safe.
Drive like hell and you will be there.
Know road safety, No injury. No road safety, Know injury.
Do not mix drinking and driving.
If you know you are driving to your death - would you still drive so fast? Make safety a reality and don't be a fatality.
Why learn the hard way? Obey safety rules.
The earth spins at 1,000 mph. Wear your seat belts.
Life did not begin by accident. Don't end it as one.
Drive as if every child on the street were your own.
Night doubles traffic troubles.
Work to be safe, be safe so you can work.
Stop accidents before they stop you.
Safety's intention is accident prevention.
Better to arrive late than never.

Workplace Safety Slogans

There are many work-related injuries that occur when workers forget to take the necessary precautions. Many times, with experience, one tends to give less importance to safety measures because one feels that they have perfected their job. However, a single miss can lead to a major tragedy. Some of the slogans related to the workplace are as follows.

Safety isn't just a slogan, it's a way of life.
Remember - Safety is not a job; it is a way of life.
Safety doesn't slow the job down but mishaps do.
A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.
Never think working safe is in vain when it could save a lifetime of pain. When putting away a chemical shipment, remember Personal Protective Equipment. Your safety is everyone's responsibility, especially yours.

Ignoring a warning can cause much mourning.
Wear the right protective equipment for the job.
Just because you always did it that way, doesn't make it right. Use the right tool for the job.
In case of injury, remember 'RICE'- Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Safety is a frame of mind - so concentrate on it -- all the time. At work, at play; let safety lead the way.
Working safely each day will keep the doctor away.
Safety is a full-time job, don't make it a part-time practice. Safety... You will regret if you forget.
Safety glasses: All in favor say "Eye!"
Tomorrow -- Your reward for working safely today.
Hear today gone tomorrow - use your hearing protection.
Safe to do? Ask!
Broken tools can be replaced. You can't.
Team Safety. It's just good business.
We need you! Work safely.
Use safety as a vital tool, at work it's the 'Golden Rule'.

Fire Safety Slogans

Fire as an element is one of the most dangerous forms of destruction -- once it takes over, there is very little that one can do. That is why, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions and avoid the emergence of such a situation. Here are a few slogans that will help make this point clear.

Fire safety on, accidents gone.
Know the roots of fire safety- enjoy the fruits of duty.
Accident brings tears, fire safety brings cheers.
Ensure fire safety, save life, save property.
A fire today - no job tomorrow
Fire catches, so don't play with matches.
Fires that are small, soon will be tall!
Cooking food's hot, so don't touch the pot!
Crawl down low, when it's time to go!
Fire safety goes, danger grows.
Get out quick, before the smoke gets thick!
When in doubt, there's two ways out!
Gather your clan, make a fire...
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