Road Safety

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This research is to look into the awareness of license holder in UiTM Segamat on the road safety including the road safety sign, as well as to analyse the factor that lead to an accident on the road. This study also tries to identify their driving behaviour on the road and to increase the society understanding and awareness of road safety and road safety sign. Self administered questionnaire, general observation and library research were the tools employed for the purpose of data gathering. The finding from this research indicate that eventhough all of the respondents are a certified license holder, they do not aware of the road safety. They tend to ignore all the basic rules and safety signs because of their driving behaviour. Therefore, everybody especially the authority as well as license holder themselves need to cooperate with the government to ensure that the awareness of road safety in each individuals can be increased.



Road safety has long been considered as one of social responsibilities to the Malaysian Government. This is because if the safety of the road is not secured, many citizens will involve in accidents that can lead to fatal. In the visibility of this responsibilities, multiples bodies concern on road safety have been formed within the government departments, private agencies and voluntary organizations. The Cabinet Committee of Road Safety chaired by the Prime Minister himself was formed by the Government. A National Road Safety Plan then was formulated to give an attention to road safety research programs, behavioral modification of road users, road engineering and vehicle safety, medical treatment and safety administration.

Traffic accidents in Malaysia have been increasing over years. Even though there are a lot of programs that Government does to increase the awareness of road users to become more aware when driving or riding on road, the rate of road accidents still increasing every year especially during festive season. It is not just the rate of road accidents that is increased, but the fatal rate because of road accidents also increased. According to World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic injuries kill nearly 1.3 million people annually. If current trends continue, road crashes are predicted to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030.

This incident still happens although the person who involved an accident on the road, majority of them is a certified license holder. They should have the knowledge how to drive safely and morally. The lesson that had been given in driving license institution is according and follows the requirement as instructed by Government so that the new drivers will have sufficient knowledge and know all the rules and law so that they will be more careful and aware when driving on the road. The license that they got should be a permit for them to drive carefully, not recklessly and causing harm to other road users.

The younger generation is the pillar of the country, as they will be the one who contributes to the achievement and improvement of the country. Their attitude today will determine what kind of future of the country will hold. The youngsters in the age range from 18 to 25, most of them have their own driving license which is motor license, car license or both of them. If these young generation do not care about road safety, the possibilities for them to be the cause of accidents is high such as driving exceeding the speed limit and ignoring the safety signs provided by the Government.

1.2Research Objectives

* To study the awareness of road safety among license holder of UiTM Segamat student

* To identify their driving behavior of the road

* To increase the society understanding & awareness of road safety including safety signs

* To investigate the factor that lead to an accident on the road

1.3Problem Statement

Recently, the accident rate in...
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