Road Safety

Topics: Driver's license, Tram accident, Car safety Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: April 1, 2013

Road crashes are not new in our country, but since For decades road accidents occurring in this country is among the highest in the world. The accident has caused loss of life, especially accidents involving buses. Therefore, the government has done the necessary measures to reduce road accidents in the country. Among the measures that should be done is road safety law on the road need to be tightened to road accidents can be reduced. Conditions of approval for test driving classes should also be increased. Additionally, drivers are required to take the exam every two years to equip them with the skills taught in the first driving class. Conditions of such vehicles without lights and a faulty brake system is one of the major contributors in the road accident. Therefore, the driver should always keep their vehicles in a safe condition before use, especially for long distances. In this regard, the government should require vehicle inspections are performed each year and impose fines on those who reject it. Road accidents frequently occur since this latter is due to the attitude of drivers who like driving over the speed limit. In this case, the existing speed limit should be reduced, particularly in the area of ​​the highway, although some drivers simply does not agree with this proposal, but when a rule has been defined, they must comply. Fines should be imposed on consumers who are driving above the prescribed limit. If a driver is found guilty of the same offense more than twice, then their driver's license should be suspended. This action will certainly be able to open the eyes of other users. Indifference for the safety on the roads among consumers for this will surely eroded when the warning suspend their driver's license is issued. Consumers should also be made aware of their responsibilities when on the road safety campaigns...
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