Road Rage

Topics: Truck, Freeway, Anger Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: June 19, 2011
A Comparison of My Road Rage Experiences with Those in “Rambos of the Road”

Is the average American driver displaying the characteristic of self-centered, angry and destructive behaviors while behind the wheel of their cars? According to Martin Gottfried, in his Rambos of the Road essay he indicates exactly that, when he says “American driver has the mentality of a hoodlum and the backbone of a coward. The car is its weapon and hiding place”. In my personal firsthand experience as a driver and passenger, I completely agree with the author’s observation and conclusion about the American diver. It is true now, more than ever, that we see drivers on the road impatient and willing to risk their own safety and endanger others for the sake of being ahead on the road. The thinking is to have a free and unfettered access to the road, a sort of entitlement to the road at any cost, even to the extent of their own lives. Just recently while driving on a highway I decided to exit out of the highway, and in preparation switched on my signal light to let other drivers know of the intended action. At the same time I noticed a driver of a pick truck on the service road speed up just in time to cut my exit from the highway. The flashing signal is clearly visible and is indicating the direction that my car is heading; however this truck driver decided to ignore it and instead gave me a look of disgust almost to suggest that how dare I even consider to exit the highway before he can pass by. I proceeded to slow my car hoping for a common sense in this man, but instead he too slowed and proceeded to blockade my car. At that point the only sensible option for me is to merge back into the highway and avoid from being dragged into a futile macho and dangerous game that this truck driver seems to be heading to. This is exactly what the Author of Rambos of the Road is mentioning in the first paragraph of his essay, where he encountered a driver at a stop sign that was fuming with...
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